Reactive Dyes

Reactive Dyes

COSMOZOL DYES (Vinyl Sulphone)

Yellow GN * Yellow 37
Yellow RL * Yellow 77

Red 5B * Red 35

Blue 3R * Blue 28

Navy Blue HRL * Blue 89
Yellow FG * Yellow 42Yellow RTN * Yellow 24Red HRBL * Red 198/ATurq. Blue G * Blue 21Black B * Black 5
Yellow GR * Yellow 15Orange 3R * Orange 16Bordeaux B * Red 49Green 6B * Blue 38
Yellow R * Yellow 17Red C2G * Red 106Violet 5R * Violet 5Navy Blue HRL * Blue 89

COSMOACTIVE DYES Di-chlorotriazine (M Brand)

Yellow M4G * Yellow 22Yellow M3R * Orange 86Red M5B * Red 2Magenta MB * Violet 13
Yellow MGR * Yellow 7Yellow M4R * Orange 14Red M8B * Red 11Violet C4R * Violet 14
Yellow MR * Yellow 44Orange M2R * Orange 4Pink MB * Red 74Blue MR * Blue 4

COSMOACTIVE DYES (Monochlorotriazine)

Yellow H4G * Yellow 18Red H8B * Red 31Purple H3R * Violet 1Turq. Blue HA * Blue 71
G.Y. HR * Orange 12Red H6B * Red 76Blue H5R * Blue 13R.B. H4R * Brown 9
Orange H2R * Orange 13Magenta HB * Violet 12Turq. Blue H5G * Blue 25Black HN * Black 8

COSMOACTIVE DYES ‘HE’ Dyes (High Exhaust)

Yellow HE4G * Yellow 81Orange HER * Orange 84Red HE7B * Red 141N.B. HE2R * Blue 1721
Yellow HE2R * Yellow 12Orange HE2R * Orange 94Red HE8B * Red 152HE4BD * Green 19/A
Yellow HE4R * Yellow 84Red HE3B * Red 120N.B. HER * Blue 171

COSMOACTIVE – BF (Bi-Functional Dyes)

Yellow F4RL * Yellow 160Red F4GL * Red 195Black N 200 * Mix Black
G.Y. F3RL * Yellow 145Red FRBL * Red 196
Orange F2RL * Orange 20Black CFGR * Mix Black

Cosmonaut Chemicals have brought you exclusive fiber reactive dyes, which are extremely organic and highly functional. We bring you a versatile range of reactive dyes for cotton and other cellulosic fibers. These are the most popular dyes, as they have potential durability. The reaction between the cellulose and the dye molecules develop a covalent bond, which makes it quite sturdy on the fiber. At Cosmonaut’s, we offer flexible reactive dyes, which can be applied through various methods and for several purposes too. You can use our dyes for discharge printing, resist printing, direct printing, and inkjet printing as well.

At Cosmonaut Chemicals, we have a wide range of color options, that helps you add a variation in your textile products. With us, you will be certainly glad to have the highest quality of reactive dyes at the most competitive price range. At Cosmonaut’s, we offer reactive dyes from various classes like Vinyl Sulphone, M Brand, Monochlorotriazine, High Exhaust, and Bi-Functional Dyes.


Take a look at some of the characteristics of our reactive dyes.

  • The basic character of a reactive dye is that it is anionic, which makes it suitable for use on polyamide, cellulose, and protein fibers.
  • We provide you dyes in powdered (pigmented) form, for your desired use like color dye for clothes and more.
  • At Cosmonaut’s, our dyes become an integral part of the fiber, giving you a long-lasting color holding capacity.
  • Our reactive dyes for cotton can be easily soluble in water.
  • The lightfastness is quite a great aspect of our reactive dyes.
  • We have manufactured the dyes with utmost precision, the electron management prevents degrading, which may happen due to ultra-violet rays.
  • Along with lightfastness, the reactive dyes have a wash fastness as well.
  • More than anything else, the dyeing of cotton with reactive dyes will let you have amazing bright colors with rubbing fastness at the medium stage.
  • The dyeing method is quite quick, this cold water dye for cotton will make your dyeing stuff done quick.
  • The reactive dyes have suitable perspiration.
  • We bring you these reactive dyes at very affordable rates.


You can get multiple advantages of using reactive dyes from Cosmonauts. Here are some of them, take a look:

  • As stated above as well, the development of covalent bonds makes it much more durable and long-lasting. The effect of using a reactive bond can be differentiated quite easily, as these dyes are quite distinct from any others. This effect keeps it ahead of cellulose colors and other restricted colors.
  • Next, you can get is the efficient process of coloring, which comes through an incredible wet speed.
  • At Cosmonaut’s, we bring you reactive dyes for cotton, which can be applied to other novel fibers as well as Lycocellfibres.
  • Washing of fibers with these dyes is quite simple. Not just that, but dyeing of cotton with reactive dyes will allow you to wash multiple garments at the same time. At Cosmonaut’s, we make dyes, that don’t lose color.


Our reactive dyes can be used through different processes. Take a look at some of them.

1. Exhaust Dyeing

This is also called discontinuous systems, in which the dye is dispersed in a liquor. You can immerse Cosmonaut’s reactive dyes for cotton in a liquid and then add the fabric into it. The fabric must be removed when the dye is fully dissolved on the material. The last step is to wash and rinse the fabric, so that the dye, which hasn’t fixed on the fabric will be removed.

2. Pad Dyeing

This is a semi or fully continuous process of dyeing of cotton with reactive dyes. You can use this pad batch wetting system, which is a mechanical process. A homogenous process of distribution is used for spreading the dye. The dye gets submerged in the fabric in its second stage, and later it is washed.

3. Exhaust Dyeing

Cosmonaut’s fiber reactive dyes can be used for cotton, staple fibers, yarns, and other fabrics. The process of exhaust dyeing will allow you to create a dye liquid and then let the material get dyed only on the surface. Its results rely on the turbulence of the liquid. Once the dye is connected with the fiber, it starts getting submerged or get fixed on the fiber. This stage needs to check on the temperature as well. Once fixed, you can have rightly distributed dyeing on the fabric.

Get the best fiber reactive dyes with Cosmonaut Chemicals at the best pricing and quality.