We are in the Business of Colors since 1922 and among the first in India to enter into production of Dyes.

We were a very small distributor of textile dyes, chemical dyes, textile chemical dyes nine decades ago but had zeal for Colors and the desire to grow. From research and developments to standardizations and from productions to sales, we did it all in these years. We stood our ground even in the toughest times. We had a profitable business even when other companies in this domain found it hard to sustain.

Today, we are a large and leading manufacturer of textile dyes, chemical dyes, pigments, reactive dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, specialties and fast developing salts. Our products, made from the finest materials, are exported globally for use in many industry segments like art & craft, textile, leather, silk and wool.

We learnt a lot over the years and are still learning to deliver innovative products and services to our customers.