Direct Dyes

Direct Dyes

Direct Crysophynine GCH

Direct Fast Yellow GC - *Yellow 44 Direct Fast Orange SE - *Orange 26 Direct Orange Light Fast TGLL (Y) - *Orange 34 Direct Orange 2GLL - *Orange 37 Direct Orange Light Fast TGLL (R) - *Orange 39
Direct Scarlet 4BS - *Red 23 Direct Red 6BL - *Red 79 Direct Red 3B - *Red 80 Direct Fast Red 5BL - *Red 81 Direct Fast Rose FR - *Red 227
Direct Scarlet 6BS - *Red 239 Direct Violet MB - *Violet 9 Direct Helio B - *Violet 51 Direct Supra Violet 5BL - *Violet 66 Direct Fast Turquoise Blue GL - *Blue 86

Cosmonaut chemicals bring you a great range of direct dyes, which are loaded with extensive features and properties. Our direct dyes are highly functional and safe as they are non-benzidine and sunfast. With the proper composition of sodium salt, you can create the best solution of direct dyes for yarn and other fabrics. Our direct dyes are executed in the alkaline form, and as compared to the usual low temperature, we offer some of the dyestuffs, which are feasible with excess temperature, especially for polyester and cellulosic blends.

We bring you these direct dyes for paper, along with other synthetic and natural materials at a very low cost. You have an extensive choice of selection with us ranging from yellow, red blue, and more. You can enhance the wash fastness of the direct dyes with a simplified after the treatment procedure. Our direct dyes can be effectively used for home usage as well if you require it. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting characteristics of our direct dyes, which will add convenience to your dying procedure.

  • We bring you direct dyes, that can be easily added to water or a solution.
  • Our direct dyes are anionic in nature, and as per your preference, you can have it in solution or powdered form.
  • The exhaustion process can be done through the electrolyte.
  • The application of our direct dyes can be found in various fabrics and materials including jute, leather, cotton, silk, paper, and wool. In simpler terms, you can use our direct dyes for cellulosic and protein fiber materials.
  • The possess brilliant lightfastness properties.
  • We have a specified range of day direct dyes, with extensive leveling properties.
  • Fewer treatment procedures and easy application make them highly desirable.
  • Our direct dyes possess extensive tinctorial properties.

Especially for cellulose fibers, our direct dyes emit an extremely functional lightfastness. The dye cycle for direct dyes are certainly quite short, mostly 3 to 4 hours are apt. And the minimal use of auxiliaries makes the dying process quite affordable. Here are things you must keep in mind while applying direct dyes.

  • The amount of water is required to stay low, as the washing process is not elongated after drying.
  • As compared to reactive dyes, the salt levels should also stay low, as there is no requirement of other salts.
  • During the dying process, you need to ensure that there are no bubbles made out.

The use of direct dyes for paper is highly recommended following the aptness of its pigment to get attached to the paper. Other than that direct dyes for yarn, cotton, linen, and rayon is also quite popular. They have extensive advantages, one of which is higher affordability. At Cosmonaut chemicals, we come up with extremely affordable direct dyes with the potential of color variation. The wash fastness of direct dyes can be improved with a treatment done after the dying process. This should be done in order to secure the dyed fabric from getting faded.

The Process Of Dyeing

The process of direct dying for paper or yarn fabric is quite simple. Here are the steps, you must follow:

  • The direct dye, be it in the powdered form or the soluble form, is first dissolved in cold water.
  • Then it is transferred into the boiling water to make it useful for dyeing.
  • Continuous stirring is highly important to ensure no lumps are there.
  • Salts like sodium carbonate is then added to the solution.
  • Once the solution is ready, it is then applied to the fabric.

At Cosmonaut Chemicals, we bring you options for bulk purchases and allow you to use these direct dyes for yarn, paper, and any sort of relevant fabric. With great leveling characters, these dyes are highly functional for cellulosic fabrics and paper. Take a quote for direct dyes by us and make your dying part easy.