Fast Developing Salts

Fast Developing Salts

Cosmonaut Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturer’s of Fast Developing Salts. These fast bases are mainly used for printing & dyeing of textiles. Our salts get their fast water solubility from the metal stabilization process. Our fast developing salts do not need Hydro-Chloride Acid or Sodium Nitrate, they can be used directly with Naphthols. Handling and control of these fast bases are very easier when compared with other fast colors.

Currently, Cosmonaut Chemicals is the leading and renowned manufacturer of textile, chemical, and reactive dyes. Fast developing salts is one of our specialties. We follow global standards to ensure that all our fast salts and other dyes are made from the finest materials. We have been serving our customers from silk, wool, textile, or other art & craft domains with our quality product.

Dissolving Fast Salts

As our fast developing salts are functional with dissolution in water. A simplified process is required to be taken into consideration while dissolving the salt.

  • You can take 1 kg of fast salt with a little water and create a paste.
  • Later add 5 liters of water and keep the solution at 30 degrees C.
  • If you are using Fast Red B Salt, then kindly pour the powder through sprinkling and keep it stirring meanwhile.
  • Keep the process on for around 5 to 10 minutes and filter the cloth through a mulmul cloth.

Things To Be Noted

You need to go for special additions, in certain cases,

  • While using Fast Garnet GBC Salt, don’t forget to add more amount of water, as it requires way more water than the general requirement.
  • When applying Fast blue B Salt, use 1 kg of it and add 400 gms of sodium bicarbonate in order to create a bath.
  • At the time of using Fast Scarlet G Salt weighing 1 kg, you need to add 200 gms of sodium acetate crystals.
  • While using the combination of naphthol AS-G, you are required to specifically add 50% acetic acid in order to develop the bath.
  • While you are dissolving fast developing salts through the open-beck method, you are required to add 3.5 ml.
  • Similarly, if using the tub-dip method, we suggest you add 22.5 ml in the beginning and later 11.0 ml while feeding bath.
Sr. No. Generic Names C.I. No. Const. No.
1 Fast Red B Salt 37125 ADC 5
2 Fast Blue BB Base 37175 ADC 20
3 Fast Red KB Salt 37090 ADC 32
4 Fast Bordeaux GP Salts 37135 ADC 1
5 Fast Yellow GC Salt 37000 ADC 44
6 Fast Red TR Salt 37085 ADC 11
7 Fast Scarlet RC Salt 37130 ADC 13
8 Fast Orange RD Salt 37050 ADC 49
9 Fast Scarlet GG Salt 37010 ADC 3
10 Fast Black K Salt ADC 38
11 Fast Garnet GBC Salt 37218 ADC 5
12 Fast Blue B Salt 37235 ADC 48
13 Fast Red RC Salt 37120 ADC 18
14 Fast Orange GC Salts 37005 ADC 2
15 Fast Red 3GL Salt 37040 ADC 9
16 Fast Red FRN Salt 37075 ADC 33