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Vat Dyes

Vat dyes are one of the most popular dyes to be used by the manufacturing industry. At Cosmonaut...

Direct Dyes

Cosmonaut chemicals bring you a great range of direct dyes, which are loaded with extensive features and properties....

Acid Dyes

Cosmonaut Chemicals have brought you potential acid dyes, specially manufactured for your wool, silk, feather,

Reactive Dyes

Cosmonaut Chemicals have brought you exclusive fiber reactive dyes, which are extremely organic


One of the very first producers of color dye for clothes in India, we have been making fiber...


One of the most crucial elements in paints, coatings, and inks is the presence of high-quality pigments.


Our high-performance color changing pigment like thermochromic pigment, photochromic pigment and glow in dark pigment

Fast Developing Salts

Cosmonaut Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturer's of Fast Developing Salts.