One of the most crucial elements in paints, coatings, and inks is the presence of high-quality pigments. Pigments are the essential ingredients in paints and coating concoctions. We at Cosmonaut Chemical create, develop and provide specialized pigment emulsions, exceptional pigment powder, and refined pigment paste, accurately tailored to fit the needs and requirements of our clients.

1. Pigment powder

Cosmonaut Chemicals manufacture fine pigment powder, created to perfectly fit the myriad needs of our clientele. Fit for adding vibrant colors in coloring paint, ink, plastics, fabrics, cosmetics, food coloring, and other such uses, we created a variety of different pigment powder, that perfectly synchronize with the application in all of these domains. We provide exemplary products in this category such as dry colorants that are specifically created for use in manufacturing and visual arts. We also provide dry pigment powder for coloring of fiberglass reinforced plastics. Our products deliver fine gloss, consistent color value, and formidable tint strength. The assortment of pigment powder we develop includes ultramarine blue, cadmium red, yellow ochre, and titanium white, and many more.

2. Pigment paste

A staple ingredient for the textile industry, as well as, routinely used in the manufacturing of paper and plastics, Cosmonaut Chemicals provide exceptional pigment paste products that are tailored to precisely fulfill industry-specific needs. We develop safe and secure colored pigment paste products, both organic and inorganic, for our clients. Perfect for application in the manufacturing of plastics, we deliver specialized colorants that are stable and have a broad compatibility with various acrylic binders and additives used in rubber & allied products.

3. Pigment emulsion

With excellent dispersion quality of our meticulously crafted pigment emulsion invoke a sense of luxury and tradition. The pigment is not only highly durable, but the coloration is also immensely vibrant and bold, perfectly suitable for usage in branding and differentiation purposes. No matter the surface it is applied to, our diligently prepared pigment emulsion provides a sophisticated and attractive appearance. We provide pigment emulsion in varied particle sizes, depending upon the texture required by the client or the application of the product. Distinct from standard pigment emulsions, our products provide atypical panache in dispersion, along with impressive stability.

The expertise and know-how that we have garnered from our decades-long experience in the domain of color manufacturing and distribution, has allowed us to come up with innovative and sound coloring solutions. This has enabled us to create marvelously vibrant and exquisitely high-quality pigment powder, pigment paste, pigment emulsion, and color-changing pigment.

We have been successfully fabricating effective pigments appropriate for the utilization in paints, plastics, inks, construction, textile, and cosmetics. We have long been at the forefront of concocting and customizing superior quality pigments for customers, all over India, and even abroad. We manufacture customized products such as pigment powder, pigment paste, and pigment emulsion, that are formulated according to specific requirements of our clients.

We at Cosmonaut Chemicals, find ourselves uniquely positioned to deliver a diverse spectrum of pigments and pigment-related products. This includes general purpose grades, long-lasting pigments, difficult to concoct pigment paste, and superior quality pigment emulsion. Across the spectrum, our product matches, or in some cases, even surpasses the quality of international pigment manufacturing brands. We navigate the technical complexity of fabricating pigments of differing manufacturing procedures and methodologies, and we do it with finesse.

We emphasize on retaining the same consistency of our products throughout the manufacturing process. This is how we have garnered the trust of our clients as the creators of high-quality and reliable pigment powder, pigment paste, and pigment emulsion. The seamless blend of finely crafted products, domestic reach, and personalized consumer assistance has made Cosmonaut Chemicals one of the most credible and trustworthy names in the domain of pigment manufacturing and distribution, both within and beyond the national boundaries.