Acid Dyes

Acid Dyes


Acid Yellow GL Acid Brown FTRL Acid Yellow 2RL Acid Brown MBL 130% Acid Brown PTRI 140%
Acid Brown HR 135% Acid Orange RL Acid Violet L Acid Brown CRLL 158% Acid Blue 2G 270%
Acid Brown CGL 130% Acid Blue MTR 125% Acid Brown CTLL 160% Acid Grey BL Acid Brown 2RL
Acid Olive BGL Acid Boardeux MB 130% Acid Black MSRL 145% Acid Brown RD 150% Acid Black WA


Acid Yellow E2GL - *Yellow 29:1 Acid Light Yellow 3GL - *Yellow 34 Acid Metanil Yellow - *Yellow 36 Acid Fast Yellow MR - *Yellow 42 Acid Fast Yellow E-3GL - *Yellow 49
Acid Yellow - *Yellow 65 Acid Yellow 4GL - *Yellow 79 Acid Yellow GR - *Yellow 99 Acid Fast Milling Yellow 5GN - *Yellow 110 Acid Yellow - *Yellow 137
Acid Yellow 2GL - *Yellow 151 Acid Yellow S5GL - *Yellow 158 Acid Yellow RL - *Yellow 166 Acid Yellow RL - *Yellow 194 Acid Yellow E-4RL - *Yellow 199
Acid Yellow S2G - *Yellow 220 Acid Yellow S2GL - *Yellow 235 Acid Yellow E - *Orange 3 Acid Orange II - *Orange 7 Acid Orange RO - *Orange 8
Acid Light Fast Orange G - *Orange 10 Acid Orange 3RL - *Orange 67 Acid Orange G - *Orange 74 Acid Yellow 2RL - *Orange 80 Acid Orange RL - *Orange 86
Acid Orange - *Orange 139 Acid Orange RL - *Orange 142 Acid Orange 2R - *Orange 154 Acid Fast Red EG - *Red 1 Acid Scarlet 3R - *Red 18
Acid Fast Red EBL - *Red 37 Acid Red 3GP - *Red 57 Acid Red G - *Red 88 Acid Milling Red G - *Red 97 Acid Brilliant Red BL - *Red 106
Acid Red RD - *Red 114 Acid Red Brown V - *Red 119 Acid Milling Red 3BN - *Red 131 Acid Red F2R - *Red 151 Acid Red BRS - *Red 182
Acid Pink M - *Red 186 Acid Milling Red 2B *Red 249 Acid Red S-G - *Red 315 Acid Red GN - *Red 337 Acid Scarletr ML - *Red 357
Acid Red 2B - *Red 361 Acid Red MBR - *Red 362 Acid Red H - *Red 423 Acid Patent Blue AS - *Blue 7 Acid Navy Blue S5R - *Blue 113
Acid Dark Blue MTR - *Blue 193 Acid Blue E-4RL - *Blue 277 Acid Blue GLE - *Blue 281 Acid Navy Blue SRL - *Blue 335 Acid Freen V - *Green 16
Acid Olive Green BGL - *Green 104 Acid Green BS - *Green 111 Acid Brown DS - *Brown 58 Acid Brown ER - *Brown 75 Acid Brown 4BX - *Brown 78
Acid Brown CG - *Brown 83 Acid Brown MF - *Brown 97 Acid Fast Brown 5G - *Brown 98 Acid Orange Brown BT - *Brown 106 Acid Brown NGB - *Brown 161
Acid Brown NT - *Brown 165 Acid Brown HH - *Brown 188 Acid Brown SGR - *Brown 282 Acid Fast Brown ESR - *Brown 348 Acid Brown ESG - *Brown 349
Acid Brown S3RX - *Brown 354 Acid Brown RL - *Brown 365 Acid Brown SGL - *Brown 402 Acid Brown LN2RL - *Brown 414 Acid Brown RL - *Brown 425
Acid Brown R - *Brown 432 Acid Brown 5GX - *Brown 452 Acid Black 10BX - *Black 1 Acid Black BGL - *Black 164 Acid Black LDN - *Black 172
Acid Black MSRL - *Black 194 Acid Black N - *Black 210 Acid Black NBR - *Black 234

Cosmonaut Chemicals have brought you potential acid dyes, specially manufactured for your wool, silk, feather, and other protein-rich fabrics. Our acid dyes are also used for dyeing nylon and various modified acrylics. Cosmonaut Chemicals has a wide range of concentrated and colorfast acid dye options for you. With striking colors, our acid dyes will add vibrancy to your projects. At Cosmonaut Chemicals, we ensure that our acid dyes for wool and other fabrics are,

  • Quality Oriented acid dyes that ensure consistency and don’t fade away.
  • Apt for printing and art painting purposes along with dyeing over fabrics.
  • Perfectly blends on woolen fabric and gives extensive finish.

Our Acid Dyes for wool, cotton, and other fabrics have high water solubility and enhanced lightfastness than any other dye. These are very effective in multiple fabrics; both protein and modified fibers. The dyes have Sulphonic Acid groups that exist in sodium sulphonate salt form.

Process Of Working With Acid Dyes

Using acid dyes for wool is extremely quick and easy. There are two major processes followed, immersive dyeing and direct dyeing process. In the immersive dyeing process, you have to dissolve the dye in a dye bath. On the other hand in the direct process, the dye can be directly used on the fabric without going for a dye bath. It has to be done within a concentrated concoction. At Cosmonaut Chemical, we suggest these step to be followed,

  • The very first step is to wash the fabric before beginning with the process.
  • Create a paste of dye and water, then add warm water to completely dissolve the dye.
  • Put the paste in the tub having lukewarm water and start stirring it.
  • Gently put the wet and washed fabric in the tub. Then heat the tub for approximately 10 minutes. Gently stir or poke the fabric and keep the temperature as 120 degrees F.
  • Add the required amount of vinegar and stir for 5 more minutes.
  • Once the dye starts simmering, remove the fabric and take it for a rinse in hot water. The water must be soapy and warm. Squeeze the fabric and let it dry.

Characteristics of Acid Dyes

Acid Dyes get their name from their frequent application under acidic conditions. At Cosmonaut Chemicals, acid dyes are classified into acidic dyes as they can be used on protein fibers competently and thoroughly. The dyes might lack bonds for the cellulose fibers, but their dissolvability in water & amphoteric fiber affinity makes them stand out.

Our Acid Dyes for wool, nylon, cotton, silk, etc. are safe to use and are highly non-toxic. We ensure proper quality control in the making of all our products. These dyes have non-caustic characteristics and we recommend mild acidic substances like vinegar to be used in the process of dying.

One of the best parts about our acid dyes is that they are eco-friendly. With a minimal amount of auxiliaries, you can use our dyes for extensive purposes. We ensure that our acid dyes have absolute standards, which makes the color on your fabric enduring and long-lasting. We believe acid dyes are one of the best solutions to be provided for safe and apt printing on yarn fabrics.

Fastness properties:

At Cosmonaut Chemicals, we ensure that all our acid dyes deliver great customer satisfaction through remarkable lightfastness ratings. We check all our dye products and send them out only when they have considerable leveling properties.

From bright and eye-catching yellow/ orange to striking grey/ black, our Acid Dyes color range contains numerous basic colors and stretches out to more advanced or complex color options. You can use these for dyeing DIY clothes, spraying, painting, baking, and printing!